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    Good morning, in my project (YOUR AIRLINES V.2) my plane has very strong shadows with little brightness, but in your video tutorial your plane is according to the environment (in this case the sky, clouds and sun). I wanted to know how to fix it and leave it in the tutorial? I have to edit the light in the composition of the scenes and the light in the Element? Can you help me? Thank you!

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    Wilenberg Lacerda

    Friend good night, I have this template but my plane appears with excessive shade (very dark) and there is no glare. How do I configure this item, the layer composition or Element 3D? My Element 3D plugin is version 2.0. Can you help me? Thank you, hug!

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    HI. I can´t seem to find my plane in this tutorial. I see the c4D file but no plane. Could you please tell me if this problem is fixable? thank you In advance!


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